Our Weedness Growshop offers you, in addition to many products for plant cultivation, the appropriate fertilizers for different phases. Many well-known manufacturers constantly convince with a high-quality fertilizer solution for any kind of plants and their growth status. Whether BioBizz, Canna, Hesi, Plagron, GHE, Aptus, Atami, Advanced Hydroponics or Guanokalong, we have everything in our program.

To guarantee plants in the indoor area a high-yield harvest, the use of additives or fertilizers is inevitable. The fertilizers are specially designed for each application and do not harm the plants. Since the optimization of the harvest already begins with the correct pH value, we offer you in the store measuring devices for the determination of pH value and EC value.

The appropriate calibration solutions and other accessories can also be found in our store. For beginners we especially recommend our fertilizer sets. These already contain all important nutrients to guarantee a successful harvest. The plants are supplied with the selected fertilizer from growth to the flowering phase and should quickly show first results.

The dosage of the individual fertilizers works best with the drip pipettes or disposable syringes available in the store. In doing so, the manufacturer's specifications should be followed exactly so as not to overfertilize the plants. Browse now through our fertilizer range and order today nutrients for your plants!