Browse now in our Weedness Growshop and find the perfect irrigation hose for your plants. We carry in our assortment a wide selection for different irrigation systems such as Autopot or Blumat. Nozzle distributors with drippers can be optimally screwed into pre-drilled PVC pipes and supply each plant evenly with nutrient solution.

The capillary hose or so-called micro hoses are suitable for systems such as Atami and are inserted into PE main pipes.  The PE hoses are suitable for connecting capillary or micro hoses and are clamped directly to the main / supply line. The hoses are available with diameters of 16 - 25 mm, are weather resistant and best suited for the use of chemicals.

Like normal garden hoses, the flexible hoses in yellow can be used in many areas and are compatible with conventional line connections. The hoses are flexible, kink resistant, pressure insensitive and UV resistant. Store now and order the right watering hose for your plants!

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