Pots & Saucers

For each plant in our Weedness Shop there is a suitable pot and the matching coasters. The models are suitable for any type of plants and areas such as living room, garden or grow box. Our square Teku plastic pots are already available in sizes from 0.4 liters up to 18 liters. These flower pots are best suited for use in growboxes and save quite a bit of space due to the shape.

The pots have a low weight and are made of environmentally friendly recycled plastic. Of course you can also find the matching coasters in our shop. The latest generation of pots for plants are the fabric pots made of sustainable cotton. At first, the pots make you doubt the next harvest, but the pots are a clever solution for plants with oxygen deficiency. The pot is designed to dry out the roots as they emerge through a natural process.

The pots are well ventilated and promote colonization with good microorganisms. Also belonging to the newest generation are the Airpot flower pots. Here the same principle applies as with the fabric pots. Through the cone-shaped holes, the roots get enough oxygen and thus guarantee optimal growth. No matter which pot it will be for your needs, with the products from the Weedness Growshop you always make the right decision.