We provide with the products from our Weedness Growshop for the optimal ventilation and supply of your plant breeding. Whether hoses, clamps, controls, odor neutralization or complete aeration sets, we have everything in the program. The construction of a plant facility includes many important components that ensure an even higher yield in the end.

Decent aeration in indoor plants is an absolute must and unavoidable. The plants always need oxygen-rich air to develop optimally. For the right technology, there are already so-called controllers and controls. With the help of these great gadgets, monitoring in your grow boxes becomes a breeze. The controllers display, among other things, the temperature and humidity.

The Prima Klima Monitor takes over the regulation of any fans fully automatically and constantly ensures the right climate. Simply plug in all the necessary components, attach the temperature sensor in the plant box and set the device to the appropriate values as needed.

In addition to important controls, we of course also offer the appropriate silencers or fans. In our large selection in the Growshop you will find any size and variation. We are always up to date with the latest technology and offer our customers constantly new products. Browse through our store now and discover many more grow products.