Humidifier & Heater

We provide with the products from our Weedness Growshop for the optimal ventilation and supply of your plant breeding. Whether humidifier or fan heater, we have everything in the program. The construction of a plant facility includes many important components that ensure an even higher yield in the end. A decent ventilation in indoor plants is an absolute must and inevitable.

Plants always need oxygen-rich air and the right level of humidity to develop optimally. For optimal humidity, no more than a normal humidifier is needed. This should have enough capacity to be used fully automatically and be small enough to save space.

The models offered each offer a different size water tank and, depending on the size, are also suitable for greenhouses. The fan heater can also be used for many applications and is universally applicable. Due to the compact design, the fan is mobile and convinces with an inconspicuous design. The easy way for optimal humidity is a humidifier or fan heater from Weedness! Order today!

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