In our Weedness Growshop we also offer you useful accessories for growing plants to get the maximum yield from plants. The heating mats are used when the ambient temperature is too cold for cuttings to grow and thrive. The greenhouse heater increases the ambient temperature by up to 10 degrees and provides the best conditions for proper growth.

The heating plates are also best suited for pets and can also be used in terrariums. For the budget conscious growers we offer the practical cutting board from GHE. This makes it possible to propagate cuttings cheaply and effectively. The board provides strong and rooted cuttings, which can then be planted in any medium such as soil, coco or hydro.

Plagron's booster provides accelerated germination of seeds and is specifically designed for growing cuttings. The seeds are supplied by the booster with valuable nutrients and even protected from mold or bacteria.

With the offered scalpel, cuttings from mother plants can be taken and processed very precisely. The scalpel is sterile packed and has an extremely clean cutting pattern. Treat your plants and store today in the online grow store of Weedness!

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