Harvesting accessories

In the Growshop category harvesting accessories you will find suitable spare parts for your harvesters, such as the Leaf Trimmer replacement wire, replacement rubbers or replacement blades. Harvesters are already used by every second grower and significantly facilitate the harvest of plants.  

Through the appropriate accessories in our Growshop, missing or defective parts can be easily replaced. We also offer small microscopes for the determination of bud maturity or for the early detection of pests. The time of harvest is crucial for the taste and can be detected with the help of the gadgets. If harvested too early, the potential of the plants is not fully exploited. If harvested too late, there is a risk of mold growth.

For the production of oil from plant residues, we offer you suitable Dexso sieves, which are compatible with the Dexso Pro press from the processing category. Browse now and order the right gadgets from the Weedness Online Growshop!

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