With the products from the Weedness Growshop we provide a fully automatic monitoring of your Co2 values. The construction of a Co2 system includes many important components and devices to upgrade, which are of great importance for the cultivation itself and the surrounding area.

The so called Co2 controllers offer the possibility of an automatic control and display of the Co2 values. Depending on the system and set, only a suitable Co2 bottle is needed and the rest is partly done by the systems themselves. The controllers offer the possibility of a central monitoring of the room air and definitely save you trouble. The next electricity bill will also thank you. Due to the extensive setting options, such a controller can keep the values constantly at the desired level.

For beginners we recommend the Co2 carbon dioxide tablets from NoMercy, which are simply added to the irrigation water. No prior knowledge is necessary for the application and the use is absolutely environmentally friendly. Store today for the right controller system for your plant at Weedness Growshop!

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