Activated carbon filter

In our Weedness Growshop you will find the appropriate products around the topic of ventilation and odor neutralization. The construction of a complete grow box includes many important components that are of great importance for the cultivation itself and the surrounding environment. Decent ventilation in indoor plants is an absolute must and unavoidable. The plants always need oxygen-rich air to develop optimally.

With the help of the so-called activated carbon filters, odors are sucked in especially in the indoor area and released odor-free back into the environment through an exhaust air system. The neutralization of the odors takes place in the filter itself, since activated carbon was processed there, which serves specifically as an odor filter.

For such a ventilation system must be present in each case a tube fan. Alternatively, we also offer in our Growshop suitable tube fans. Browse through the Growshop categories now!

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