Drying nets

In the Growshop category Harvest we offer you everything about harvesting, drying and processing. Basically, a decent drying net or a drying chamber is a must for a well-dried harvest. The branches can also be dried hanging but the most important thing is always that the crop is well ventilated and can not start to mold.

The net has the advantage that it is more space-saving and the buds are well ventilated. For the use of a harvest net, the branches of the plant must be removed and the buds can then dry in the individual layers. To enjoy the harvest to the fullest and to protect the ingredients, the harvest must be dried slowly.

There is no benefit in terms of effect or high if the oven is used. With the products from further processing can be obtained from the remains, for example, oil, the crop can be feminized or the crystals can be extracted.  Browse the store now and order a drying net for your harvest!

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