The products of No Mercy are helpful additional solutions to guarantee your plants an even better harvest. The No Mercy Co² Tabs provide a balanced carbon dioxide supply to guarantee faster growth. One tablet per 100 liters of water is recommended.  

No Mercy Bacterial are beneficial microorganisms that ensure that organic waste is converted into usable nutrients. A well-balanced biotope supports the immune system of the plants so that they can protect themselves from all kinds of diseases, molds and bugs. In both applications, the bacteria are added to the water 24 hours in advance, so that within this time billions of beneficial bacteria will have formed.  

The No Mercy GA spray helps the plants during the flowering phase to particularly resinous flowers. Treatment with the spray begins here during the flowering phase.  

The products are each suitable for growing with hydro or bio system. No prior knowledge is necessary for the application. Store today for the right product for your plants at Weedness!

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