With our wide range of King Size Paper, everyone will find the right item for them. Our products are sustainable and convince with a simple design. We are convinced of a green world and pay special attention to the ecological values. Each article provides a unique shooting and smoking experience.  

The standard variant among the papers are the Long Paper Slim and the natural brown Hemp Paper, which guarantee a better rolling due to the pleasantly thin leaf. Through the use of raw materials such as hemp, significantly les sharmful substances are smoked but the taste experience remains. For particularly pompous appearances provides the 24 carat gold paper. The papers are handmade, can be smoked easily and without residue. Decadent appearances are guaranteed with this paper.  

Another change for the smoker will probably be the transparent glass paper. Through the paper, the contents of the joint can be clearly seen, which increases the smoking effect and the experience again. With this extensive product range for smokers, it is worth ordering immediately in the Weedness Online Shop.

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