The Airpot pots are also relatively new on the market and already very popular among growers. Also for other areas in the indoor and outdoor area, the pots are ideally suited. The pots are designed so that the roots are well ventilated through the cone-shaped holes and get enough oxygen for development.

Once the roots grow through the holes, they will dry out by a natural process and develop new fine root strands. The space in the airpot can thus be fully utilized and the plant gets nutrients faster. The biggest plus with the Airpots is that repotting is child's play.

To do this, simply loosen the screws on the Airpot and disassemble the pot into individual parts. From 1 liter to 6 liters, one screw is included. From 9 liters upwards, 2 screws are included in the set. The pots are already available from 1 liter to 38 liters and are available in our store. Store now and make your plants happy!

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