In our world full of green ideas, we always try to adapt to the tastes and preferences of our customers. With the own filter series of Weedness we are already broadly positioned and can offer something for every preference when smoking. Probably the most popular filters currently on the market are the activated carbon filters with extremely high quality activated carbon.

These filters are best suited for cigarettes, joints or pipes and are easy to screw in. The advantage to normal filters made of paper is that with the activated carbon much more pollutants are filtered and so the pure weed taste comes to light. Optimal in combination with a reusable glass adapter from Weedness. This is additionally used on the activated carbon filter as a mouthpiece.

This provides an even milder smoking experience and cools the smoke pleasantly down. Also for normal filter tips we have found a reusable and noble solution. Through our Weedness Glass Filter Tip we can replace normal Filter Tips and even got a wow effect to it. With our large assortment of filters and various papers it is worth it to order immediately in the Weedness Shop!

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