Odor neutralization

We provide with the products from our Weedness Growshop for the optimal odor neutralization during plant cultivation. Whether as a gel for direct use, as a room fragrance in a practical dispenser or as a permanently mounted system, we have everything in the program. The gel variant is probably the simplest and fastest idea to remove odors. The gel pot is opened and placed anywhere in the room.

The special gel then neutralizes the unpleasant odors over a longer period of time and leaves a pleasant scent. The dispenser with the matching ONA Blocks fragrance dispensers then ensures targeted odor masking. This is a fully automatic air atomizer that combats odors in a controlled manner. The many setting options can be activated in day or night mode as required.

For 100% odor neutralization we recommend the ONA Air Filter in combination with ONA Blocks. The Air Filter is connected to the existing ventilation pipes and is part of the ventilation system. This prevents the bad odors from flowing into the surrounding area, because they are already transformed into pleasant odors in the system. The ONA Blocks can be easily replaced after each use. Store now and get odor removers in the Weedness Online Shop today! 

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