Soil & Substrates

In our Weedness Growshop you will find everything that is important for a high-yield plant cultivation. And a successful cultivation starts with the right soil. There are many different products in our range from standard growing soil to fertilized premium soil, coco soil or expanded clay balls. With the manufacturer Plagron, we offer you probably the widest range of soil mixtures for your plant breeding.

Each product from Plagron has a different composition and is partly also pre-fertilized. For growing on Cocos we recommend the Cocos Premium mixture and for growing with hydrosystem the clay balls Euro pebbles. BioBizz as a large fertilizer manufacturer is also following suit with its soil. The assortment with the All-Mix or the Light-Mix is perfect for fast growing plants and is partly pre-fertilized.

The Coco Mix soil is best suited for growing on cocos and consists of 100% organic coconut fiber. The Cocos soil can also be mixed with the All-Mix or Light-Mix. The complete range of soil and substrates from Canna is of course also available in our Weedness Growshop. The soil of Canna is so far the purest soil mix and consists of 100% organic raw materials such as tree bark or moss.

Also for the cultivation with Cocos Canna is equipped with the products Coco Natural or the Coco Professional Plus and can keep up with other manufacturers. In our Growshop we also offer you soil for use with normal plants, cacti or for palms. The company Plantaflor has already found many fans with the existing range, because the soil is of very high quality.

Even for growing or sowing Plantaflor has come up with the sowing soil. This is particularly suitable for young plants or seedlings and provides ideal conditions for cuttings. Browse through our soil category today and order your plants something good from Weedness!