Oil dabbing is still very unknown on the cannabis market and does not yet enjoy much attention. We would like to change that with our products and introduce you bit by bit to dabbing. Oil dabbing means the gentle vaporization of oils or essences from plant components and the inhalation of it. 

The difference to normal smoking of tobacco products is that with oil dabbing essential plant components are to be inhaled. For dabbing, it is mandatory to use an oil bong or something similar to vaporize oils. For dabbing, our Titan Dabber is then used, which facilitates the processing and absorption of waxy substances. The dabber has a titanium alloy and is ideal for any oil bong or oil nail. 

For the right storage surface for the oil or wax, we offer you the silicone storage box on. Thanks to the silicone, the oil can be more easily absorbed and processed on the dabber. Take a look and get your dabbing utensils now at Weedness!

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