In our Weedness Headshop you will find high quality CBD products and matching vaporizers for a different kick. CBD oil is an extract made from the flowers and leaves of hemp plants. Unlike THC, CBD does not trigger any psychoactive effects and is said to have a calming, anti-inflammatory and decramping effect.

CBD, also called cannabidiol, already has many different uses such as in medicine. The effect of CBD is easily tolerated, fights pain and can be used in treatments for psychological problems. Suitable for our Weedness CBD Oil Liquids we have a beautiful noble vaporizer made of stainless steel.

The so-called vaporizer has different temperature settings and was made specifically for smoking liquids. With the sleek design of the 14 cm e-cigarette, it is especially suitable for beginners and ready to use within minutes. Order now the right CBD oil to your taste and our vaporizer directly with it!

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