Among many well-known manufacturers of plant fertilizers, GHE stands out with particularly high-quality mixtures. The fertilizer range is especially suitable for fast-growing crops and is particularly economical in use. For hobby gardeners, the GHE range is indispensable, because the plants are supplied with nutrients all around.

Depending on the product, GHE fertilizers are suitable for cultivation with coco soil, with hydro systems or growing soil. When choosing the fertilizer, a distinction is made between growth phase or flowering phase in order to give the plants the right nutrients at the right time. Not only do the plants benefit from this, but the harvest results are also impressive.

In addition to many nutrient products such as FloraBloom or FloraGrow, GHE also offers supplementary fertilizers that can be administered throughout the life of the plant. Be it to make the plant strong and vigorous or for an even higher yield at the end. With us in the Weedness Shop you get everything that makes your plants happy.

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