Exhaust & supply fans

We provide with the products from our Weedness Growshop for the optimal ventilation and supply of your plant breeding. The construction of a plant facility includes many important components that ensure an even higher yield in the end. A decent ventilation in indoor plants is an absolute must and inevitable. Plants always need oxygen-rich air to develop optimally.

The sound-insulated tube fans offer, among other things, the advantage that noise is minimized by the strong internal insulation. And on the other hand, a lot of attention has been paid to an aerodynamic design in order to minimize the acoustics once again.

Depending on the needs and the size of the area to be ventilated, there are different variations and performance of fans. Standard among the entry-level models is the Vents tube fan, the Mixed Inline or Mini fan. In addition to easy installation, these offer optimal conditions for smaller rooms. Browse through our Growshop now and order the right fan for your system.

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