For a professional harvest of plants, we offer you in our online grow store numerous products and machine that should simplify this process significantly. Harvesters are already available in different versions, with or without electricity. The machines for cranking are best suited for beginners with large quantities. Due to the almost silent leaf removal succeeds a quick and clean harvest.

The cut foliage is collected in the extra container and can be optimally stored for further processing. This is where the category processing comes into play, because we offer you enough ideas to do something useful with the remaining foliage or generally with the harvest. The professional harvesting machines are fully electronic and can remove protruding leaves with the help of a powerful motor.

The machines are differentiated by power and have different speeds or capacities. With the products from further processing can be obtained from the residues, for example, oil, the crop can be feminized or the crystals can be extracted. Browse through the store now and order a harvesting machine from Weedness!

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