Turning aids & Storage

Here in Weedness Headshop you will find great options for storing joints and accessories around the rolling of tobacco products. With the help of our Weedness rolling tray it is history from now on that everywhere tobacco crumbs lie around after rolling.

The tray is made of metal and has a slightly higher edge, which is the only way to ensure that no crumbs are left on the table. Matching the rotating tray, there are of course also plain ashtrays made of glass, storage for joints or lathes made of plastic in the Weedness Design.

For the storage of joints on the road, we offer here of course also plenty of options. By storing joints in a sleeve with a lid, the joint always stays fresh and does not change its taste. The sleeves are absolutely impermeable to air and are perfect for on the go.

We also have a way to store all of your smoking accessories. With our Weedness Jute Bag, for example, a grinder, long-paper, pipes or filters can be easily stored. The jute bag is made from sustainable material and is also environmentally friendly. Order today your Weedness Set from Turning Tray, Joint Sleeves Jute Bag or other turning aids.


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