Further processing

In our Weedness Growshop we offer you many useful products for the further processing of your harvest. There is always the possibility to optimize the taste of the harvest or to use the annoying plant residues. For the feminization of plant buds we offer you suitable humidity regulators from Boveda. The Hygro Packs are ideal for beginners and offer a constant humidity for several weeks.

The buds including the Boveda Pack are placed in a container and sealed. The feminization provides a unique strong and intense flavor. The big problem of plant residues is now also finally solved, because with a Dexso Pro can be easily produced oil for dabbing. The applications are extremely user-friendly and the plant waste is reduced by more than half. The high quality oil is then ideal for smoking through oil bong or for joints.

We also have the optimal products for filtering resin crystals from residues, the so-called extracting. The plant residues are simply placed in the extractor bag in a bucket with ice cubes and mixed thoroughly so that the resin crystals solidify completely. The solidified crystals dissolve and a brown - green sludge collects at the bottom. The same principle is used by the Washing Machine, which is the only electronic device for the production of hash.

The extracting machine can process up to 20 liters of plant residues automatically. The handy hash maker is suitable for smaller quantities. By shaking cold buds, the resin crystals dissolve and separate from the plant residues. Browse through our online grow store now and order useful gadgets for further processing!

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