Cuttings sets

For the optimal preparation of a cultivation we offer you in our online grow store the appropriate growing media, greenhouses, scalpels and boosters. Whether a cultivation with the Eazy Plug Trays, peat pots or with rockwool. For every need there is the right solution in our store.

All methods are optimally suited for the cultivation of cuttings and facilitate the start into life.  The swelling pots are a neutral medium and have a perfectly adjusted ph and EC level. The Jiffy Quelltöpfchen, Eazy Plug Anzucht Trays or rockwool are suitable for all substrates such as soil, coco or in hydroponic systems. To provide the small mini cultivation the perfect humidity you can also order a suitable greenhouse. The greenhouses are available in different versions and are also compatible with the Eazy Plug growing trays.  

Our sets are carefully selected and are ideal for growing cuttings. Each set includes a greenhouse, growing media and other extra accessories.

Browse now and order a suitable cutting set from the Weedness Online Growshop!

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