Wooden pipes

Our Weedness Online Shop offers many new products as well as the classic wooden pipes in different variations. Besides the noble appearance, the environment also benefits from wooden pipes, since it is a renewable resource. The wooden pipes were handmade and partly provided with fine carvings, therefore, each grass pipe is a real unicum.

The pipes made of ebony are very durable and refine the taste with every smoke. For a certain feeling when smoking also provide the 20 cm and 30 cm Gandalf pipes. The wooden pipes are made of high quality material and are, with good care, designed for a long life. The activated carbon filter smokers should of course not come up short with us, because with our activated carbon filter pipe this is now possible.

The pipe can be unscrewed in the middle to insert an activated carbon filter. The additional filtering brings a milder smoke effect with it and the consumption is loaded with less pollutants. In our Weedness Headshop you can find more accessories for a relaxed and chill smoking experience.  

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