Hoses & Clamps

In our Weedness Growshop you will find the appropriate products around the topic of ventilation and exhaust systems. The construction of a complete grow box includes many important components that are of great importance for the cultivation itself and the surrounding environment. Decent ventilation in indoor systems is an absolute must and unavoidable.

The plants always need oxygen-rich air to develop optimally. In addition to technical products, we of course also offer hoses and clamps for air systems. The hoses have many different applications such as for air conditioners, in kitchens, in the bathroom or in grow boxes.

The accessories are perfect to connect devices together and build a ventilation system. Optimal combination for this are the hose clamps with worm drive. The clamps are super easy to use and of very high quality.  Shop now and choose a suitable aeration system in the Growshop! 

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