Combo measuring devices

In our Weedness Growshop we offer you, in addition to many products for fertilization, also high-quality measuring devices for the simultaneous determination of the pH value and the EC value. The optimization of a plant cultivation begins, among other things, with these two components, which are particularly important for the complete life of plants. The EC value stands for the conductivity of the water (for plants, in swimming pools or aquariums) and guarantees a healthy plant if the value is correct.

The smallest deviations from the standard lead to over-acidified soil, which leads to deficiency symptoms. Also the pH value of the water should not be underestimated, because if this value does not agree a pH-lowering or pH-lifting agent should be urgently consulted. In the rarest cases, the values of normal watering water are perfect so all values should be determined as a precaution. Only in this way is it possible to optimize plant cultivation and guarantee a high-yield harvest.

In addition to many handy products such as the Milwaukee Pen or the Milwaukee case, there are also controllers or permanently installed systems for monitoring. These monitors provide a permanent measurement of the values and usually sound acoustic signals when the values are exceeded or fallen short of. Ideally suited to control large areas of water as in swimming pools or pools. Store now and order all required fertilizers directly from Weedness!

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