Hanf Wraps Juicy Jay

The original Juicy Hemp Wraps are available in the flavors Amarillo, Blue, Eldorado, Manic, Original, Purple, Red Alert, Red Storm, Tropical and Wave. When smoking Hemp Paper, one experiences a true explosion of flavor on the tongue. Due to the hemp used, the Blunt Wrap comes completely without tobacco and nicotine! The new closure makes it possible to secure the flavor and store the Hemp Wraps well. In addition, the paper is protected from drying out. Through the pure nature alternative of Juicy, the Hemp Wraps experience a revolution.

A complete box contains 25 x 2 pieces of Hemp Wraps but also for testing different blunts we also offer mixed packs. These are available in sizes of 3 x 2 pieces or 6 x 2 pieces.

Just test them and you will quickly find your own favorite flavor.

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