Blunt Wraps

The fine tobacco leaves from various manufacturers are now also available again in our Weedness Headshop. Blunt wraps is the name for pure Big Paper made from dried tobacco leaves or palm leaves. Blunts are usually smoked without tobacco and burn much slower than conventional long paper.

The original Blunt Wraps from Double Platinum are available in different flavors and are probably the best known Blunts on the market. They convince with an intense flavor and the taste explosion when smoking. The packaging contains 2 blunts each and has a re-seal for maximum shelf life.

Likewise, the Hemp Wraps are available in different flavors. These were made from natural hemp and are also available in mixed packs for testing. The Hemp Wraps come as usual completely without tobacco or nicotine. Here, too, the resealable allows to secure the aroma in the long term.

The latest achievement are probably the King Palm Slim Rolls, Mini Rolls or Aroma Filter Tips. The blunts were all handmade from palm leaves and feature a flavor capsule in the Filter Tip. Pressing the filter releases the terpene flavors and allows for a more intense smoke. The pre-twisted leaves are also completely nicotine or tobacco free and come in different sizes to fill different amounts.

Simply test through or order a mixed pack of Weedness!