Blunt Wraps Double Platinum

From now on, we have the unique Double Platinum Blunt Wraps in the flavors Blue, Brown, Gold, Green, Ivory, Jade, Maroon, Pink, Purple, Red, Silver and Yellow.

With the unique intense flavor, the leafs are the market leader among the Blunt Wraps. When smoking the different papers, one experiences a true flavor explosion on the tongue. The new closure of the individual sachets makes it possible to secure the flavor and store the Blunt Wraps well. In addition, the papers are protected from drying out. In the scene, the papers are known for a long time and can no longer be imagined without.     

A complete box contains 25 x 2 pieces of Blunt Wraps but also for testing different Blunts we also offer mixed packs. These are available in the sizes 3 x 2 pieces, 5 x 2 pieces, 8 x 2 pieces or 10 x 2 pieces.

Just test them and you will quickly find your own favorite flavor. 

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