Hydroponic & Aeroponic Systems

Browse now in our Weedness Growshop and find the perfect irrigation for your plants. In the assortment we offer hydroponic and aeroponic irrigation systems. These are available from the manufacturers GHE, Atami Wilma or Aero Grow. In order to find a perfect irrigation system for the plants, the purpose and benefit for irrigation should be clearly defined.

Atami Wilma drip systems are perfect for professional use in hydro growing, because the plants draw the nutrient solution automatically throughout the life cycle. Continuous automatic irrigation is suitable for any type of cultivation or substrate and is versatile. Most waterers available in the store are compatible with conventional grow boxes and usually fit without problems depending on the height, length or width. But automatic irrigators are also ideal for the home or the allotment garden, whether during a vacation or simply to provide a permanent solution for the plants.  

With our wide range of accessories, spare parts or expansion parts, there is always a possibility to upgrade or expand an existing system. The components of an irrigation system with hoses is usually constructed in such a way that further parts or elements can be added at any time. Put together your individual automatic watering system now and make your plants happy.